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AGE: 28
CITY: Tulsa
    No driver's license
  • possession of imitation controlled drug
  • expired tag
  • insurance verification
  • possession of drug paraphernalia
  • attempted/consp manufacture controlled drug after former conviction of a felony

ARREST DATE: September 12, 2013
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sooner surplus

AGE: 53
CITY: Tulsa
    Hold for osage county

ARREST DATE: September 8, 2014
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3 rivers auto collision

AGE: 30
CITY: Tulsa
    Application to revoke

ARREST DATE: October 13, 2015
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charlies chicken

BOOKED: May 18, 2017
RACE: Black
AGE: 31
  • application to revoke (CF-15-1680A). COURT: 05/19/2017. BOND TYPE: Hold W/O Bond. BOND AMOUNT: $0.00

ARREST DATE: May 18, 2017
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hendrickson law
jordan bonding valentine

advantage bail